Latest Wildlife Update — June 16, 2009

The last 6 weeks have been extremely busy for us. Calls for bat removal have been coming in steadily and have kept us busy running all over our service area. In the last two weeks we have encountered juvenile bats on several different jobs. This makes things difficult for us as we must be certain never to separate juvenile bats from adult this time of year.

Calls for raccoons seemed to be a bit late this year but they came on strong once they got going. We removed a few dozen raccoons from attics, chimneys, sheds and even a bedroom over the last 8 weeks. This year's juvenile coons are half the size of the adults right now and they have been running from us and trying to bite us on every job.

As usual calls for squirrels have slowed considerably due to the warm weather. They usually move back into the wild once the warm weather arrives.

The recent rain has us backed up quite a bit at the moment. It is impossible to safely work on a roof or on ladders in the rain and it has rained more days that it hasn't this month.

Hanover Bat Removal

I recently evicted a large colony of over 100 bats from an older home in Hanover Ma. The pile of bat guano on the roof underneath the bat's entry-point was extremely large as you can see in the pictures below.

Northborough Bat Removal

Mike blew the dust off his camera and took some pictures at a recent bat removal project that he completed in Northboro Ma. This was another large colony of bats that had resided in this house for over 20 years. This attic was also crawling with bat bugs.

Needham Bat Removal

I had yet another large colony of bats residing in the cathedral ceiling and attic of a contemporary home in Needham 2 weeks ago. This house had a construction flaw that was allowing both mice and bats to infest the attic of the house. The builder used flimsy screening in the soffit vents when the house was constructed and the animals took advantage of it.

Sandwich Raccoon Removal

I evicted an adult female raccoon as well as 4 pups from a chimney in Sandwich Ma about a month ago. This coon loved having her picture taken.

Wellesley Raccoon Removal

This crafty raccoon weaseled HIS way into an attic in Wellesley last week. It took about an hour but I finally got HIM into a corner of the attic where he was boxed in and had nowhere to go. After that I slipped the noose on HIM and got HIM in the cage. This job was strange because this was a male raccoon.