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"You guys are like the Raccoon SWAT Team!"

Sean D., North Attleboro MA

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Pictures of Raccoons

These raccoon pictures were taken in urban and suburban areas in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In these photos we removed raccoons from fireplaces, chimneys and attics. Raccoons can be very challenging to deal with. Female raccoons can be especially strong and vicious. You don't realize how intimidating a raccoon can be until you're inside a small crawlspace with one trying to coax it into a trap. Every spring we get flooded with calls for raccoon infestations as adult females break into attics and chimneys to give birth to their young. Visit our Massachusetts Raccoon Removal page for more information on the services we provide.


Certain raccoon problems can be very difficult to solve. Situations where raccoons are inhabiting areas that are inaccessible to humans can be particularly challenging. The photos below are from a project that I did in May of 2007. There was no access to this attic whatsoever. I tried several tricks to get these raccoons to vacate the premises but none of them worked. The job took 3 times as long as it should have and was very frustrating for me. I used a camera to monitor the activity of the access point and got a few nice pictures. I ended up having to cut my way into a crawlspace and removed the female raccoon and 5 juveniles by hand

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This next set is from another difficult job. I could get into the attic on this job but the female raccoons and juveniles were residing in a cathedral ceiling. I monitored the entry point for a week and finally got them to leave. In the pictures you can see the female carrying the juveniles in her mouth as she moves them out of the customer's attic.

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