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"Thank you for removing the skunk from our garage!"

Catherine S., Narragansett RI

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Pictures of Skunks

Skunks are a bit difficult to photograph. Trying to get a good picture and not get sprayed is definitely an art. Every year we get bombarded with calls for skunks in the month of February and March. I'd guess that 75% of our skunk calls over the year come during these two months. This is the skunk's breeding season. Male skunks travel great distances looking for receptive females. These males will often enter burrows where other skunks reside while searching for females. Fights between males often ensue and they often spray each other while fighting. If this takes place under your deck or under your front steps your will awaken to a house that smells like skunk. Below you'll find pictures from skunk removal services in Massachusetts and RI.