Massachusetts Coyotes

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Coyotes are found throughout the entire state of Massachusetts. From the Berkshire mountains to downtown Boston these animals have adapted and now thrive even in heavily developed areas. In some towns they are even considered a nuisance species. In 2007 the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife changed a law that now allows Problem Animal Control agents (like BatGuys) to respond to calls for coyotes and to charge homeowners for coyote trapping services. I choose not to trap coyotes as I feel they are a beneficial part of our ecosystem. Besides that, trapping and removing one coyote from a neighborhood doesn't accomplish anything as there will be another one that takes its place in short order.

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders and will eat just about anything. In rural areas they'll feed on mice, rabbits, squirrels and deer while in suburban areas they'll eat roadkill, trash from landfills and even domestic animals.


Pictures of Coyotes

Only recently have I started to intentionally set out to photograph coyotes. Most of my coyote pictures have come while I was trying to get pictures of other animals such as deer and fishers with my trail cameras.

New Pictures! Huge Suburban Coyote. Added 3/5/2008

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Backyard Coyote

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Coyotes that inhabit rural areas are usually very wary and spooky. The will bolt into heavy cover at the slightest trace of human odor. In all the times that I have encountered coyotes in the wild I have never seen one act aggressive or even show any interest in me.

Coyotes that inhabit suburban or even even areas are much more tolerant of humans. Coyotes have been reported eating out of garbage cans, killing pets and even establishing dens very close to houses in many areas.

I have found that woodland coyotes are usually big and beautiful animals. On the other hand the suburban coyotes are usually scrawny and often mangy-looking.

I shot this video of a beautiful coyote in Metro West Boston this past fall - Coyote Video


Please check back here soon as I plan to add more pictures during the winter 2008 season.