Deer in Massachusetts

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Whitetail deer are found throughout the state of Massachusetts. Deer densities in suburban areas have risen to a point where deer are considered a nuisance species. Homeowners cringe every winter as hungry deer roam through neighborhoods eating their expensive plants and bushes. A herd of deer can do substantial damage to a beautifully landscaped yard in a matter of days. 

The whitetail buck in particular is a very graceful and majestic animal. Bucks grow their antlers during the spring and summer months. In the fall they shed the velvet (fuzzy coating) from their antlers exposing rock hard bone. They use these antlers to fight with other bucks for breeding rights during the "rut" or whitetail breeding season. After the rut a buck's antlers will fall off as its testosterone levels decrease. The buck with then begin to grow its antlers back the following spring.

Deer Pictures

In most areas deer are very easy to photograph. With motion-activated trail cameras its as easy as setting up on a well-used deer trail. I also know of several neighborhoods in towns that don't allow hunting where the deer are as common as squirrels. They walk through yards and across streets during daylights hours and can usually be seen in large groups feeding in open areas.

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Young Doe

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Deer Train

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Young Fawn

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Suburban Deer

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Suburban Buck

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Kissing Doe

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Young buck shedding its summer coat

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Does feeding at sunset

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Whitetail Buck

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Buck eating bushes

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Whitetail Buck

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