Turkeys in Massachusetts

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I can remember seeing my first wild turkey in Massachusetts about 12-15 years ago. I was shocked. I had never seen a wild turkey in Massachusetts and had only heard stories of a few that had been seen in certain areas. Every year since then I have seen more and more turkeys and now they seem to be everywhere. In every field, in every yard and even in the cities. The picture above was taken in the backyard of one of our customers in Brookline Ma! In June of 2007 I pulled into a customers house in Weston and a flock of turkeys came walking out of his garage. They had been roosting on the frame for his garage door inside the garage. There were droppings all over the floor of his garage. 

Pictures of Turkeys

I don't ever set out to take pictures of turkeys. I get them by accident when they wander in front of my trail cameras or I'll take pictures of them when I see them acting foolish as they often do.

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Turkeys with young

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Turkeys with young

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Cambridge Turkey