"You guys are like the Raccoon SWAT Team!"

Sean D., North Attleboro MA

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Massachusetts Raccoon Removal Project

on roof with raccoonThis case study shows a typical raccoon removal in Massachusetts. In this case an adult female had taken up residence in this customer's chimney and gave birth to five young. The customer had complained about "noises in my fireplace" and "scratching above my damper.". She said that it sounded like a nest of baby birds. Right away I knew that this was raccoons in the chimney and not a nest of baby birds.

Upon arrival I surveyed the conditions and got my gear setup. I then trapped the female raccoon and removed the raccoon pups from the chimney by hand. I then re-united the raccoon family by carefully placing the pups in the trap with the adult female. This can sometimes be a dangerous task. However this particular female was one of the calmest, most docile raccoons I have ever trapped. She didn't growl or lunge at me at all. This was very rare.

on roof with raccoonThe chimney of this home was in need of some minor repairs so I suggested that the customer call a mason to make the repairs and then cap the chimney to prevent this from happening again.

The Raccoon family was then taken in by a state-licensed rehabilitation facility.