"A skunk in a drop-ceiling, who would have thought? Thanks for removing the beast ;o) and replacing our ceiling tiles."

Anne S., Berkley MA

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Removing Skunks and Skunk Odor

skunk by a windowIn February 2004 we responded to a call about a terrible skunk smell in a single-family house in central Rhode Island. An inspection revealed that a group of skunks had gone under a porch and dug their way under a recently built foundation that gave them access to the entire crawlspace under the house. Once under the house, the skunks got into a confrontation with another animal and many of them sprayed.

The result of this incident was an odor so bad that the owners of the house had to live in a hotel for seven days while we trapped all eleven skunks out from under the house and treated the smell. It took four days for us to trap eleven skunks and three days of continuous odor treatment to remove the odor. Once the skunks were removed and the odor was treated, we skunk-proofed the entire foundation of the house to prevent this from ever happening again.

The clients informed us that it took weeks to wash the skunk smell out of their clothing — a terrible experience to say the least.

Please visit our Skunk Services Photo Gallery to see successful skunk projects we've completed.

If you have any questions regarding skunks or the skunk-removal process and would like to speak to a licensed wildlife specialist, or if you would like to set up an appointment for an inspection please feel free to contact us using the information provided below.