Latest Wildlife Update — April 21, 2009

Spring has arrived all across our service area. Since the last update we've received calls for just about every type of animal that we deal with. Spring time is always a mixed bag of calls. With the arrival of the juvenile animals you never know what type of call is coming next.

The calls for raccoons seem to be a bit behind so far this year. By the 3rd week of April last year we had removed 6-10 female raccoons with young from attics and chimneys. As of this writing we have only completed 3 raccoon removal services.

Calls for bats have increased with the arrival of the warm weather. We've already had bats in houses, chimneys and of course attics in the past month. Will all the talk of white nose syndrome in little brown bats it's comforting to see that our resident big brown population seems to be healthy.

Besides working in the field I have been busy training for this year's Pan Mass Challenge. I've been cycling as well as running almost every day in preparation for this year's ride. For more information on this year's event you can visit my PMC Fundraising page.

Westwood Raccoon Removal

I recently removed a female raccoon and two juveniles from a chimney in Westwood Ma. I shot video footage of the work.

Andover Mouse Removal

Josh and I mouse proofed a large colonial house in Andover back in February that had a substantial mouse problem. The house was only 4 years old and the basement was littered with mouse droppings. The house was almost 4000 square feet but the mice were only using one hole in the entire house. This one tiny hole where the hvac piping entered the house allowed two dozen mice to infest the basement.

Attic Cleanout Services

We recently cleaned out an attic in Raynham that was full of bat droppings and soiled insulation. We removed the bats from this home back in August and now were back to restore the attic. As you can see in the pictures we had our work cut out for us.

Duxbury Raccoon Removal

Mike removed this female raccoon and her pups from an attic in Duxbury about two weeks ago. You can see how strong these animals are by the size of the hole she tore in the roof.

Flying Squirrel Removal

Last week Josh and I did a flying squirrel exclusion at a home that was truly infested with the nocturnal critters. There were several areas of urine staining on the exterior of the house as well as large piles of droppings (as well as bat droppings) in the attic. While working on the roof a flying squirrel came out of a hole and glided to a nearby tree where I was able to get a picture of it.