Latest Wildlife Update — February 17, 2009

Since the first of the year we haven't done much. The combination of ice and snow has had us pretty well shut down. It is impossible to safely work on a roof that is covered in snow or to setup a ladder on several inches of ice. It gets very frustrating for customers that have squirrel problems because they have to wait for the ice and snow to melt. It's frustrating for us because we have no work to do! I can't remember a year when we have had so much down time. As of this writing most of the snow and ice has melted from the roofs but there is more snow predicted in the long-term forecast. We're back in the field mostly removing squirrels and mice. I'm glad to be out of the office as cabin fever has had a pretty good grip on my lately.

Despite the conditions we have been getting lots of calls for squirrels and also bats. The most recent warm spell generated a lot of calls for bats in basements and other strange places. These hibernating bats will often wake up during a mid-winter warm spell thinking that spring has arrived.

Squirrel Removal

I removed this squirrel from a kitchen last week. The little guy got away from me and we ended up having a very humorous chase through the house. Check out the video below and be sure to watch it till the end.