Squirrel Trapping and Exclusion

"While getting into my car in the driveway on May 3rd 2006 I watched a squirrel perched on the side of my house chewing on my gable-vent. I emailed the Bat Guys and described my problem. Matt called me 40 minutes later to explain the service and the wheels were set in motion. When I returned home from work at 4pm that afternoon my vents were squirrel-proofed and there were 3 squirrels in traps on my roof. I wish I could get that type of service everywhere. Thanks, BatGuys."

Tanya Thorne, Hingham MA

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Providing Bat and Squirrel Removal Services June 30, 2008

June is here and Bat Season has officially begun. We've been getting calls for bats in houses, attics and other strange places every day. During the first week of June when our area got hit with a 90 degree heat wave we were swamped with calls for bats. The biggest problem we have this time of year is that all the calls come at once and it's hard for us to keep up. Such is bat season. I'm glad to see it arrive in the spring and even happier to see it go in the fall. Oddly enough we've been getting some calls for mice also which is odd considering the hot weather. I apologize for the lack of pictures in this update. I lost my favorite digital camera about a month ago and I haven't got around to buying a new one yet. I keep hoping that I'm going to find it somewhere.

Billerica Bat Removal

I recently evicted a medium-sized colony of big brown bats from a home in Billerica Ma. There were a few dozen bats using a small construction gap on one side of the house. You can see the heavy staining on the siding below the entry point. Once inside the attic they were roosting against the chimney.