Squirrel Trapping and Exclusion

"While getting into my car in the driveway on May 3rd 2006 I watched a squirrel perched on the side of my house chewing on my gable-vent. I emailed the Bat Guys and described my problem. Matt called me 40 minutes later to explain the service and the wheels were set in motion. When I returned home from work at 4pm that afternoon my vents were squirrel-proofed and there were 3 squirrels in traps on my roof. I wish I could get that type of service everywhere. Thanks, BatGuys."

Tanya Thorne, Hingham MA

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Critter Removal Services May 27, 2008

Since the last update we have been extremely busy. May always seems to be the month where all the critters decide to enter houses at the exact same time. Bat season is underway and I was pleased to see two healthy colonies of little brown bats this past month. We have also excluded 4 large colonies of big brown bats this month also. Calls for raccoons have slowed down a bit. The most recent raccoon jobs we've found pups that were already 4-5lbs in weight. Calls for squirrels have been coming in steadily this past month. These juvenile critters are now traveling with the adults. We're seeing large numbers of juvenile gray squirrels this year. 5-6 juveniles per attic have been common. And last but not least, complaints for mice have dropped off with the arrival of the warm weather. Which is just fine with me because I'm tired of crawling under decks with the spiders and snakes while critter proofing houses. Check out the pictures from some of these projects below.

Massachusetts Raccoon Removal

This big female raccoon was guarding a litter of pups in an attic. We removed her by hand shortly after she posed for this picture and then gently removed the 4 juveniles.