"Dear Matt,
I want to thank you for removing the bats and flying squirrels from our house. I found the process very interesting and I am glad that no animals were killed. I found you guys to be very 'down to earth.' My son keeps asking me 'When is Bat Man coming back?'
Thanks again."

Kelly B., Upton MA

More Testimonials

Weston Massachusetts Bat Removal Project, November 2007

As a company that specializes in removing animals from houses we often encounter strange situations. People often call us when they are at their wit's end and don't know who else to call. Because of this we are often asked to come up with solutions to difficult problems. This particular project was one of those cases.

This project started with a call from the homeowner about a possible bat infestation at her home in Weston Massachusetts. She could hear bats in the ceiling of her bathroom and was getting a terrible odor in this area as well. When I inspected the house I couldn't find any signs of bats in the attic. After inspecting the exterior of the house I found that the bats (quite a few of them) were entering the roofline of her bathroom (see picture below) and staying right there. Judging by what I saw and smelled I concluded that there had to be a substantial amount of bat droppings inside the roof of this bathroom. This would be the cause of the odor.

Bat Removal Process

The first step was to get rid of the bats that were residing in this area. You can visit our Bat Removal page to see the techniques that we use to accomplish this task. We extracted the bat colony and bat-proofed the rest of the home to prevent them from entering at another location. We then returned two weeks later to confirm that all bats had been excluded and to begin the bat droppings cleanup portion of the project.

Bat Droppings Removal

With the bats gone we could now get to work on removing the mess that they had left and removing the source of the odor. Getting access to the area where the bats had been residing would be difficult as it was a finished area above a vaulted ceiling. We would have to remove the fascia-board and cut away some of the siding to gain access to this area. Once we had this area opened up I found that my suspicions had been correct. The area above this bathroom ceiling was packed with piles or both fresh and old bat droppings. This was indeed the source of the odor.


Cleanup/Restoration Process

Getting to the bat droppings that were in this area was no easy task. We had to be very creative in order to remove it all. After several hours of cutting, vacuuming and swearing we had it all cleaned out. We removed all the droppings and the soiled insulation.

After this was complete we treated this area heavily with commercial disinfectants and deodorizing solutions to remove the odor. We then re-insulated this entire ceiling and re-assembled the exterior fascia-board. We also sealed the exterior roof and siding to prevent bats from returning.

Project Completion

When the job was finished we had removed the colony of bats, removed the terrible odor and restored the ceiling of this bathroom to its original condition.

This case-study was created to give our visitors a look into how our squirrel removal services are structured. If you have any questions about anything on this page or would like to speak with a wildlife removal expert about a problem you're having, please feel free to contact BatGuys.