"Dear Matt,
I want to thank you for removing the bats and flying squirrels from our house. I found the process very interesting and I am glad that no animals were killed. I found you guys to be very 'down to earth.' My son keeps asking me 'When is Bat Man coming back?'
Thanks again."

Kelly B., Upton MA

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BatGuys Resources

People are fascinated with animals. No one knows that more than I. Everywhere I go people are always telling me stories about run-ins that they've had with animals. I frequently get phone calls and emails from people that are seeking information about urban wildlife. Everything from high school and college students looking for information for papers they're writing to media inquiries from all over the world. I'm creating this resource section of my website to help people find the information that they're looking for about animals and urban wildlife.

Massachusetts Animal Control Offices

Because BatGuys only deals with controlling wild animals, we've decided to provide a list of official animal control offices for cities and towns in our area. These are the people to call regarding problems with pets dogs, cats, exotic animals, etc.

Wildlife Links and Other Resources

Links to informative sites about wildlife, conservation, wildlife control companies, state wildlife agencies and charitable orgainizations supported by BatGuys.

Urban Wildlife Photographs

I have put together an urban wildlife photo gallery of interesting pictures that I have taken in the field of wildlife control. These photos may be of interest to students who are writing papers on wildlife in the cities and suburbs and anyone else in need of such pictures. These photos are free to anyone that wants to use them for non-commercial use: book reports, college papers, home and garden websites and any other website that will use them in good taste. These photos may NOT be used by any Animal Rights groups, wildlife control companies or for any other commercial company without the express written consent of BatGuys Inc. If you use any of our images, please remember to credit them to BatGuys.

Wild Animal Pictures

Pictures of native animals taken in the woodlands of Eastern Massachusetts. This Gallery includes pictures of Fishers, Coyotes, Deer, Turkeys and other native animals.

Urban Wildlife Videos

A collection of short videos files shot during animal removal projects and inspections.

Wildlife Articles

This page features articles on different subjects relating of wildlife control and wildlife in our area. The articles page is a newly-added feature. I will continue to add to this page in the future. Please check back periodically for new articles.

Media Inquiries for Wildlife Stories

Animal stories make great headlines and people love to hear stories about them. I have been featured in several newspaper articles and I've also been on the local news more than once. I am open to any and all inquiries from the media. I will usually agree to do newspaper/television appearances as long as the subject is positive and I have the time in my schedule. I am also available for commentary for newspaper articles. Feel free to contact me by email at Info@BatGuys.com or by phone using the numbers on the contact page.