"Thanks for solving our bat problem!"

Anthony P., Marlboro MA

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Case-Study - Removing Bats from Attic in Andover Ma

Two-Story Farm House with a Large Colony of Big Brown Bats — North Andover, MA

I was called out to this residence on July 22, 2004 to conduct an inspection for a bat infestation. The inspection revealed a large maternal colony of big brown bats. When I stuck my head into the attic of this house I immediately saw dozens of bats roosting in the peak above my head. Amongst the adult bats were dozens of juvenile bats that looked to be only about one or two weeks old.

I explained to the customer that because of the presence of juvenile bats we would have to wait several weeks to perform the bat exclusion service on the house. The reason behind this is that if a bat exclusion is performed before the juvenile bats are able to fly, they will not be able to make it out through the bat-valves and will end up dying in the attic. This particular job would have resulted in dozens of dead juvenile bats in the attic if we had gone ahead with the bat exclusion right away.

On August 15th we returned to the house. The customer informed me that he had witnessed the juvenile bats flying with the adults for about two weeks. We observed the bats in the attic and they were indeed big enough to fly. We then went ahead with the bat exclusion procedure.

Despite the three-week delay because of the juvenile bats, this job was completed safely and in a timely manner. During the three-week delay the customer did not have any bats drop down from the attic into the living space. It did not hurt anyone to postpone the exclusion until the bats were able to fly. Once the exclusion devices were installed, all of the bats safely exited the structure and no juveniles were left behind.

This job was another successful bat exclusion project and ended with a satisfied customer and no dead bats.