"You guys are like the Raccoon SWAT Team!"

Sean D., North Attleboro MA

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Raccoon Removal Story

captured family of raccoonsIn May 2003 we responded to a call of a raccoon in a summer home from a caretaker on Cape Cod. Apparently, the caretaker had stopped at the house to do a routine check of the property and found the house ransacked and animal tracks all over the house. We completed a quick inspection and found the young male raccoon hiding behind the washing machine in the laundry room. We manually removed the animal and placed him in a transfer-cage in the truck. It was only after the animal was caught that the true damage was recognized. It is believed that the animal was in the house for two to four days. From what I could put together, the sequence of events went something like this:

The raccoon fell down the chimney, through the open damper, and landed in a pile of soot in the fireplace, rolled all over the white Persian run in front of the fireplace, got up and started looking for food and a way out. During the course of his search he defecated and urinated on almost every carpet and bed in the house and knocked over an antique grandfather clock (from England), which fell through an antique coffee table on its way down.

Initial insurance estimates put the damage at $78,000 — from one raccoon.

Once the animal was removed, we capped all three chimneys to prevent this from ever happening again.

baby raccoonPlease visit our Raccoon Removal Services Photo Gallery to see successful raccoon projects we've completed.

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