"I was very impressed at how quickly you guys responded. Thank you so much for removing the squirrel."

Anna G., Little Compton RI

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Providence Squirrel Removal Project, November 2005

This case study profiles a typical gray squirrel infestation in a small single-family home in Providence, RI.

The entry point on this house was in the corner of a return. This is a very common entry point for gray squirrels.

What wasn't common about this job was what the squirrels did once they were inside the house. These squirrels traveled down between the walls of the first floor and made a nest in the corner of a hallway closet. They even chewed a hole in the sheetrock into the closet. This gave them access to the entire house! Imagine the homeowner's surprise when he was sitting in his living room watching the football game and a squirrel came walking across the room and jumped up on the couch with him!

The Solution

In this case we set several traps inside the closet and also outside the house. Within three days we had caught all the squirrels and fixed the damage on the outside of the house. We then returned one week later to remove the squirrels' nest in the closet and repair the damaged sheetrock.

Problem solved.