"11 bats in one week was just too much! Thanks for the great job you did at my mother's house."

Gina T., Wilmington MA

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Bat Removal, Sudbury Mass.

In August 2004 at approximately 10pm we received a frantic call from a woman who stated that there were bats flying around her house "everywhere". She asked us to please respond immediately to remove the bats from her home and informed us that she and her children would be waiting outside on the front lawn until we arrived. BatGuys technician Matthew Grady responded to find the woman and her three young daughters in pajamas on the front lawn. Upon checking the house, Matt then found bats in every room. It appeared that they were all squeezing through a small hole in the closet of a second floor bedroom.

Matt sealed the hole and then began removing bats. After an hour of searching he removed a total of 14 bats from the house. A quick inspection of the attic found more bats flying throughout the attic as well.

The client then informed Matt that they had been getting bats in the house for the previous two weeks. That morning, her husband had gone up on the roof to seal a hole in an effort to prevent the bats from entering. Matt informed the woman that her husband had unknowingly trapped all the bats inside the attic and that when they could not get out through their usual entrance/exit that night they dropped down into the house in an effort to find a way out of the attic.

Matt climbed up onto her roof and removed the material that was used to seal the hole. Within seconds of removing the patch the bats were pouring out of the hole. We performed a complete bat exclusion the next day and the house was bat-free two days later.