"Thank you so much for removing the raccoons from our chimney. They weren't paying rent!"

Hillary T., Fall River MA

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Injured Wildlife in Massachusetts

BatGuys is not a wildlife rehabilitation company. We remove animals from houses and commercial buildings, but we do not take in or take care of injured animals. If you have found an injured bird, injured squirrel, injured rabbit, injured bat or any other type of injured animals in Massachusetts, you can refer to this list of licensed animal rehabilitation facilities in Massachusetts. These facilities will often take in these injured animals and attempt to nurse them back to health. It should be noted that these facilities are not state-funded. They are run by ordinary citizens who voluntarily donate their time, energy and money to helping these animals. At certain times of the year they fill up fast and may not be able to accept your injured animal. If they do accept your injured animal, or if you just want to help these facilities, I suggest you make a donation to them to help cover their expenses.

You can also call the MSPCA about injured animals. Their main number is 617-522-7400.

Lost or Orphaned Juvenile Animals

Every spring I get hundreds of calls from people who have found lost of orphaned juvenile animals. If you find a juvenile wild animal in your yard it is best to leave it alone. Chances are that its mother is close by and will return for the juvenile if it is left alone. If you pick up and remove the juvenile you are separating it from the adult female. Many well-meaning people inadvertently cause more harm than good when they pick up and remove young animals every year. If the animal is still in the same location after 24 hours have passed, then there is a good chance that it has been abandoned. I recommend that you call one of the humane societies listed on this page before you do anything in this situation. Wild animals can carry serious diseases and you never want to pick up or handle an animal in the wild.

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