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Anthony P., Marlboro MA

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Massachusetts Bat Guano Removal

On this page we profile a bat guano removal project in Massachusetts. This attic was home to hundreds of bats. The homeowner had the bats removed two years ago but did not realize the extent of the bat guano in the attic until just recently.

Removing Bat Guano and Soiled insulation


The pictures below portray the condition of the attic before we began. There were massive piles of bat droppings under the major roosting areas of the attic as well a significant layer that was evenly spread throughout the entire attic. The insulation was filthy and heavy from years of bat urine and guano seeping into it.

Crystallized Bat Urine Soiled Insulation Bat Guano Guano Piles


This attic had a plywood floor that needed to come up before we could begin the cleanout process. As always the people that installed the plywood used 10 nails per row to make the job very difficult for us. Once the plywood was up and out of the way we began sucking up the bat guano and the insulation with our commercial bat-guano vacuum. This is a dirty, slow and tedious process. Once all the bat guano and the contaminated insulation was removed we disinfected and deodorized the entire attic.

Pulling up Plywood Floor Bat Guano/Insulation Removal Disinfecting Attic Deodorizing Attic


The finished product is a clean, guano-free attic. We took an attic that was a heavily contaminated disaster area and turned it into usable space. It is now safe to enter this attic and it can once again be used for storage. For more information about our attic cleanout/bat guano removal services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island please visit our attic cleanout page or contact us to speak to someone about these services.

Finished Finished Finished Finished

Although this particular project was in Massachusetts we also provide bat droppings removal in Rhode Island as well.

Health Hazards Associated with Bat Guano

The presence of bat guano in an attic can cause a serious health risk for homeowners. The problem begins when dried bat guano is disturbed and "bat guano dust" is created in an attic. When these microscopic spores from the dried bat guano are inhaled by humans it can cause a serious respiratory disease called histoplasmosis. For more on Histoplasmosis visit the Centers for Disease Control website.
When done properly bat guano can be removed without exposing anyone to contaminants. BatGuys uses commercial bat guano removal equipment to safely remove bat guano from attics and other structures. Our technicians are trained experts in removing bat guano and utilize the industry's finest safety eqiptment to ensure a safe working environment for all those involved.

Additional Information on Bat Guano Removal

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