" I was very impressed with your knowledge of bats and your can-do attitude. I would recommend you to anyone with a bat problem."

Priscilla D., Providence RI

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Bat Removal in Rhode Island

BatGuys Wildlife Service specializes in the removal and exclusion of bats in Rhode Island.

The state of Rhode Island is home to two species of bats: small-brown bats and large-brown bats. Small-brown bats are usually found in large colonies. These small-brown colonies typically range in size from 25-500 bats per colony, but the average small-brown colony in the Rhode Island area would be around 50 bats. I usually find the majority of small brown bats along the coast and especially in South County. The southern coast of RI from Narragansett to Westerly is home to massive populations of small brown bats during the summer months.

Large brown bats are usually found in much smaller colonies and seem to be more evenly distributed in RI. Colonies of large-brown bats in Rhode Island typically range anywhere from 4-100 bats per colony and an average colony of large-brown bats in Rhode Island is generally made up of about 20 bats.

Both species of bats feed heavily on mosquitoes and are extremely beneficial to the environment. Both species of native bats can eat over 600 mosquitoes in a one-hour period. This helps control the mosquito population and also reduces the number of diseased mosquitoes in our area.

Bat Removal in Providence

With very little natural habitat left for bats, most bats in Providence now live in houses and attics. The greater Providence area seems to have a good population of large brown bats. Bats in this area seem to really enjoy the large older houses on the East Side as well as the two and three-family houses that are found throughout the city.

With so many bats living in houses it is no wonder that we get calls for bats in houses on a weekly basis from the greater Providence area. During the summer months these bats fly every night to feed on mosquitoes. Bats will leave the attics just after dusk to feed all night and return to the attic just before sunrise. During the winter months these large brown bats will hibernate indoors, while the small brown bats migrate to the mid-Atlantic in the fall.

Rhode Island Bat Removal Services

houseBatGuys performs dozens of successful bat exclusion projects in Rhode Island each year. These projects range in size from small cottages and ranches in South County to multi-level commercial buildings in downtown Providence. We use mechanical bat exclusion techniques to provide our customers with safe and effective solutions to their bat problems.

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