"The squirrels are gone and so is the smell. Thanks for the help."

Alan L., New Bedford MA

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Squirrel Removal in Boston

The entire state of Massachusetts including the greater Boston area is home to a large population of both gray squirrels and also flying squirrels.

Gray Squirrels in the City

Gray squirrels are found throughout the state. Most of the problems we see with gray squirrels are in the heavily-developed areas of the inner city and inside the Route128 loop. In these areas there is very little natural habitat left for these squirrels so they adapt by living in soffits and attics. BatGuys performs squirrel-proofing and squirrel removal in Boston and the surrounding suburbs. We have found that gray squirrels in Boston are street-smart critters that survive by eating out of trash cans and dumpsters when acorns are in short supply. Gray squirrels are also very destructive by nature. Once inside an attic they will often tear insulation to shreds and use it as nesting material. These squirrels will defecate and urinate throughout the attic, leaving a foul smell and creating a filthy situation. By far the most dangerous risk of having gray squirrels living in your attic is the fact that gray squirrels chew electrical wiring, creating a serious fire hazard. If you're having problems with a squirrel infestation in Boston please visit our squirrel removal page.

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels are found in great numbers throughout Massachusetts. Flying squirrels, or "flyers" as they're called, seem to prefer the semi-wooded suburbs outside the Route 128 loop and mostly stay out of the big cities. The towns of Sudbury and Weston seem to have the most flying squirrels of any town in this area. Flying squirrels are completely nocturnal and are very seldom seen during the daylight hours. The most common complaint that we get with flyers is noise. Flyers are active at night in attics and will often create lots of noise as they scamper around collecting food and socializing. Most of our flying squirrel calls start out as "noise in the ceiling" or "noise in the wall" complaints. Flying squirrels are often mistaken for bats or mice because most people simply don't know that these animals exist in our area.

Squirrels are quite possibly the most common pest that we deal with in our service area. Both species seek shelter in houses and buildings year round. Most squirrel infestations are discovered by a scratching noise or a squirrel sighting in the attic or on the roof of the house.

BatGuys performs hundreds of squirrel removal projects each year in Massachusetts and especially the Greater Boston area. If you are in need of squirrel control in Boston please see our squirrel removal page.