"The squirrels are gone and so is the smell. Thanks for the help."

Alan L., New Bedford MA

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Squirrel Damage

squirrel nestThe picture to the right is a perfect example of the destructive nature of a gray squirrel. Here we see a gray squrrel nest in a Providence attic. You can see that the squirrel has chewed through half of the 2 by 4 stud in the attic. A squirrel's teeth never stop growing, and because of this squirrels must continuously chew to wear down their teeth. If it fails to chew enough, its teeth will grow down in front of its mouth and it will die of starvation. While conducting squirrel removal services, we frequently comes across chewed electrical wires, phone lines, vents, and pipe insulation caused by squirrels.

squirrel in netThe image to the left is from a New Bedford squirrel removal job. The squirrel fell down the chimney and ended up trapped in the basement for two or three days before the customer noticed it while going downstairs to do laundry. I caught the squirrel and removed it from the area.

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