"Thank you so much for removing the raccoons from our chimney. They weren't paying rent!"

Hillary T., Fall River MA

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Spring Animal Removal April 7, 2006

Squirrel Removal

Spring has arrived! We have been busy responding to calls for squirrel removal services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We removed our first litter of juvenile squirrels from a soffit in Attleboro last week. Within the next 3-4 weeks these juveniles will be big enough to travel on their own.

Attleboro Bat Removal

With the arrival of warmer temperatures comes a major increase in bat activity. Large brown bats are waking up from hibernation. These bats will sometimes wake up confused and drop down into the living space of a house rather than exit through the attic. Over the last 3 weeks we have dealt with numerous calls from the greater Attleboro area for bats flying around houses in the middle of the night. Please see our Bat removal page for more information of what to do if there's a bat in your house.

Yesterday I was called out to a home in Attleboro Massachusetts to remove a bat from a farmer's porch. When I arrived I was shocked to see that it was a little brown bat -Myotis lucifugus (little brown is a species, it does not refer to the actual size of the bat). Little brown bats are migratory bats. These bats spend the summer in our area and then migrate to caves in New York and the mid-Atlantic states in the fall. These bats usually return in late May. So to find a little brown bat in our area in early April is very rare. This could be a result of the recent warm weather but I think it is just an ambitious bat. Last year we saw our first little-brown bats on May 11th. After I removed the bat I inspected the attic and found no signs of bats in the attic. Visit this page to learn about the difference between Little brown bats and Big brown bats.


Last week Mike and I each trapped our first two raccoons of the spring. Both were nursing females with young. One was taken out of an attic in Hingham Ma. and the other was taken out of a chimney in Smithfield RI. All of these Raccoons were taken to rehabilitation facilities. I am looking forward to getting more Raccoon calls as they are by far my favorite animal to work with. I'm hoping to be flooded with Raccoon calls in the next 6 weeks.

Contact us for squirrel or bat removal in the greater Attleboro area.

Matthew Grady,
BatGuys Wildlife Services