"Thank you so much for removing the raccoons from our chimney. They weren't paying rent!"

Hillary T., Fall River MA

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Bat Control in Massachusetts August 16, 2006

Bat Control

Once again it is bats, bats and more bats this month. Calls for bats in houses have been coming in daily from all over Massachusetts. This year's juvenile bats have now earned their wings and are now flying with the adults in the colony. Mike and I first observed this year's young flying on July 14th this year. It is usually these juvenile bats that get lost in the attic and end up flying around your living room in the middle of the night. Like a small child they wonder off, get lost and end up inside the living space. In the last month we have removed dozens of these young bats from houses.

Bat-Proof Air Conditioners

bat and air conditionerEvery year during the months of July and August we see a large number of bats enter houses through gaps around air-conditioning units. Bats can sense the air-flow that comes through the small gaps in the window/ac unit. They will land on the air conditioner and then crawl up between the panes of glass and then crawl right into your home.


bat and airconditionerThis especially holds true for houses that have already been bat-proofed. When a group of bats gets evicted from the attic they are always on the hunt for a new entry-point. An un-sealed air conditioner is like a welcome-mat for a bat. The bat in these images entered the house through and un-sealed unit and then went inside the unit in an effort to get back outside.

For this reason I have created a page that will teach you how to properly bat proof air-conditioning units and keep bats from entering your home through them.

Marlboro MA Bat Control

This house in Marlboro Ma. was home to a large colony of bats. While I was inspecting the attic I had bats flying all around me. I stayed long enough to take some pictures and video footage and witnessed the juvenile bats flying throughout the attic. It was a rare treat to get so close to a large colony. Once the work on the house was complete and the bat-valves were installed we got comfortable on the roof and sat to watch the bats exit the house. We saw a few dozen leave (including juveniles) but they were trickling out instead of pouring out like they usually do. The homeowner allowed me to install a bat house in an effort to keep the bats in the area. I installed the bat house in close proximity to the main entry-point in hopes that the colony will begin to use it. As of this writing it is still in place and I haven't checked on it. We left around 9:30pm while the bats were still exiting the house.

**Update. Despite our best efforts this colony of bats did not show any interest in the bat house that we installed for them. Even though it was just a few inches from their primary entry-point they simply never used it**

Kingston Bat Control

I took these pictures during an inspection of a home in Kingston Ma. As I approached this gable vent a few bats flew out, circled back around and landed back on the vent. Being quick with the camera I took over a dozen pictures but only three came out clear. These bats were just roosting inside the vent. The screen on the back of the vent was still in one piece and they could not enter the attic. We have been dealing with very large colonies of bats all through our service area this summer. The populations of both large brown and small brown bats seems to be very healthy in this area. This is a very good sign.

Taunton Bat Control — Starring Hulk Hogan!!

I responded to a call for a "bat in my bedroom" in Taunton MA last week. I searched high and low in the area that it was last seen and eventually I found the bat hiding behind the Hulk Hogan doll on the wall. Like they say, there's a first time for everything. I found a small colony of bats in the crawlspace of this house. I performed a bat-proofing service later that week and evicted the bats from the house.

Greater Boston Bat Control

The "city bats" in the greater Boston area have been very active in the recent warm weather. We have completed several bat exclusion projects on large older homes in Newton, Cambridge, Brookline and Watertown in the last few weeks. This particular job in Hyde Park had about a dozen bats entering through a junction in the roofline of the house.

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