"Thank you so much for removing the raccoons from our chimney. They weren't paying rent!"

Hillary T., Fall River MA

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Removing Bats from Attics in Ma and RI June 12, 2006


The weather has been warm and the bats have been active. It seems like any time the temperature approaches 80 degrees we can count on getting calls for bats in houses. We are now spending most of our time in the field working on bat removal and bat-proofing projects in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Below are some pictures from bat control projects that we have recently completed. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to get some great pictures in the field lately. Click the images to see a larger version.

Massachusetts Bat Control Project

Matt with batWe recently removed a large colony of bats from a home in the Metro-West suburbs of Boston. This was a very large colony of big brown bats. The colony was residing in a cathedral ceiling of a unique contemporary house. There was no access to the area in which they were roosting so it was difficult for me to estimate the numbers of bats in the colony. A conservative estimate would have been 60-80 bats.


Rhode Island Bat Exclusion

batsI recently bat-proofed a small cape in Rhode Island that was home to dozens of large-brown bats. I found the entire colony of bats roosting in one small corner of the attic. There were very few droppings anywhere else in the attic. They really seemed to like this one particular area. I got some great photos in the attic of this job.


Removing Bats from Eves in Easton Mass.

At this residence bats were actively using the soffit cap to access the eves of this house. Once I removed the triangular-shaped soffit cap I found a wall of bat guano that had built up over time. This small area was home to about 15-20 big brown bats.