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"After the 4th bat in our house in 3 weeks we had enough. We called the BatGuys and got our bats evicted for good. If we knew there was over two dozen bats in our attic we would have called sooner! Two years later and we haven't seen a bat since."

Allison Dreimiller, Hudson NH.

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Bat Removal and Squirrel Removal Services in Southern New Hampshire

Southern NH
Southern NH service area shown in shaded area

NH Bat Removal

A Bat

BatGuys provides expert Bat removal and exclusion services throughout Southern New Hampshire. This region is home to a healthy population of both little brown and big brown bats. We often encounter big brown bats in the densely-populated areas such as Nashua and Concord. Little brown bats prefer the rural areas to the North in Merrimack and Strafford Counties. We often find very large colonies of little brown bats in the and around the lakes region also.

Bats in New Hampshire will often cause problems for homeowners when they take up residence in attics and roofs of house. Bats living in the attic of a home will leave droppings and urine deposits that are unhealthy and can be hazardous. Bats will occasionally drop down into the living space of a home during the middle of the night and wreak havoc on the occupants. A bat flying through the house in the middle of the night is always a chaotic scene. Homeowners in Southern NH that utilize our bat removal and bat proofing services can rest assured that their home is free of bats. If you have a bat problem in Southern New Hampshire and would like to speak to a professional bat removal specialist please contact us using the information listed at the bottom of this page.

NH Squirrel Removal

Squirrel on tree Squirrel nest

Gray squirrels are tree-dwelling squirrels by definition but they often seem to forget that. We find these critters chewing their way into fascia boards, gutters and other weak or rotted areas in houses. Once inside they will setup shop and turn your home into THEIR home. This usually means destroying insulation (to create a nesting area), leaving droppings and even chewing electrical wiring. We provide expert squirrel removal services throughout Hillsborough, Rockingham and Merrimack counties. We not only remove these destructive squirrels but we also seal holes, secure weak areas and even repair the damage they have caused.

Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels are nocturnal rodents that are somewhat shy compared to gray squirrels. Although flying squirrels are abundant throughout Southern NH they are very rarely seen. The reason for this is that they are almost totally nocturnal (only active at night). Flying squirrels spend their days huddled up inside attics and rooflines sleeping. Shortly after dark they will emerge and venture out into the woods to feed for the night. During the night they might make several trips back and forth to the attic they call home to return with food or to socialize with the other squirrels in the colony. Homeowners often describe scratching and scurrying noises throughout the night when they have been invaded by these critters. Our flying squirrel removal services will get rid of these creatures of the night and keep them out for good.

Providing Bat Removal, squirrel removal and Exclusion services to the following NH towns:

  • Pelham
  • Nashua
  • Hudson
  • Windham
  • Salem
  • Hollis
  • Brookline
  • Milford
  • Amherst
  • Merrimack
  • Litchfield
  • Londonderry
  • Derry
  • Chester
  • Auburn
  • Manchester
  • Bedford
  • New Boston
  • Goffstown
  • Hooksett
  • Candia
  • Raymond
  • Nottingham
  • Deerfield
  • Northwood
  • Epsom
  • Allenstown
  • Pembroke

  • Weare
  • Deering
  • Henniker
  • Hopkinton
  • Concord
  • Boscawen
  • Canterbury
  • Northfield
  • Mount Vernon
  • Mason
  • Atkinson
  • Plaistow
  • Hampstead
  • Candown
  • Kingston
  • Newton
  • Danville
  • Fremont
  • Brentwood
  • Kensington
  • South Hampton
  • Seabrook
  • Hampton
  • North Hampton
  • Stratham
  • Exeter
  • Epping
  • Bow
  • Dunbarton

News Flash - Little brown bat population in NH at risk due to deadly White Nose Syndrome

A deadly diseased that is now being called "white nose syndrome" has been found in caves across New England where little brown bats hibernate. In recent months researchers and biologists have found large numbers of dead little brown bats inside these caves (hibernacula). The dead bats all have the tell-tale sign of an unidentified white fungus around their noses. At this time the reason for the bats dying has not been positively identified. It is not known if they are dying from this fungus or if the fungus around their noses is the result of a disease that they may have contracted.

Little browns are migratory bats that spend winters hibernating in large numbers in very specific caves in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and even the Berkshire mountains in Western Massachusetts. In the spring these bats migrate south and to spend the warmer months in Southern NH, Massachusetts and even RI and CT. A drastic shortage of these bats could result in an explosion of the mosquito population in the areas where these bats spend their summers. An explosion of the mosquito population could result in a dramatic increase in the number of Triple E and West Nile virus incidents. Stayed tuned for more information.

Contact us at 1-866-320-2287 for Bat and Squirrel Removal service in New Hampshire

* BatGuys operates in Southern NH in conjunction with Suburban Wildlife Control LLC. Suburban Wildlife Control is a reputable Wildlife removal company that is owned and operated by Bob Noviello. Bob is a bat specialist and holds a degree in wildlife biology from the University of NH. If we are unable to provide you with service for any reason we will refer you to Suburban Wildlife Control.

Suburban Wildlife Control LLC

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