"Dear Matt,
I want to thank you for removing the bats and flying squirrels from our house. I found the process very interesting and I am glad that no animals were killed. I found you guys to be very 'down to earth.' My son keeps asking me 'When is Bat Man coming back?'
Thanks again."

Kelly B., Upton MA

More Testimonials

Massachusetts Flying Squirrel Removal, February 2006

This case study will profile a typical squirrel removal project in Sudbury Massachusetts. Note that there are three types of native squirrels in the Greater Boston area: gray squirrels, red squirrels and flying squirrels. In this case we were dealing with flying squirrels. For more information about squirrel removal in Boston, please see our page on Boston squirrel removal.

Initial Call to BatGuys

Sunday, February 19 2006, 11:00 am: I received a call from Mrs. Barbara Hartley. Barbara informed me that she and her husband had been hearing scratching and scampering noises in the ceiling over their bedroom for about a month. In the last four or five days the noises had gotten louder and more frequent. It was now loud enough to wake her from a sound sleep and she had "had enough." We set up an appointment for a squirrel inspection the following afternoon.

Inspecting for Squirrel Infestation

Monday, February 20, 3:00 pm: I arrived at her home in Sudbury and proceeded to the attic. Once in the attic I found very obvious evidence of a flying squirrel infestation. I found hidden caches of acorns, droppings throughout the attic and squirrel trails worn into the insulation from them traveling through the attic. See pictures below.


Once I was finished in the attic, I got up on her roof and began my exterior inspection. Several secondary entry points were found on the roof but it was the chimney that was the culprit on this house. Where the soffit joins the chimney there was a large gap from a piece of vinyl soffit that was never installed. In this case it was a construction flaw that allowed these animals to infest the attic. In the picture to the left you can see the insulation hanging out of the hole from repeated use by squirrels.

Once I had completed the inspection I reported my findings to Mrs. Hartley. I explained the existing conditions and told her of the entry point by the chimney. This really surprised her as the house was only four years old. I then provided her with a written proposal that detailed exactly what needed to be done to remove the squirrels and the costs associated with my services. Mrs. Hartley accepted the proposal and we began the project the very next day.

Squirrel Trapping and Exclusion

Tuesday, February 21, 8:00 am: Mike and I returned to the Hartley residence to initiate the squirrel trapping and exclusion service. I had to remove one panel of vinyl from the soffit so that I could install a squirrel control device. When I removed the panel I was surprised by the amount of squirrel droppings in this area. This was a very heavily-used entry point.

Mike and I spent a good part of the day squirrel-proofing the house. When we were finished we set 12-15 squirrel traps in the attic of the house so that we could trap and remove the squirrels.

Wednesday, February 22, 7:30 am: We returned the next day to check the traps in the attic. As luck would have it we caught a total of 17 flying squirrels the first night. We then reset the traps and slipped out of the attic.

Thursday, February 23, 5:00 pm: The customer checked the attic traps on Thursday and called to tell us that there were no squirrels caught.

Squirrel Exclusion Complete

Friday, February 24, 4:00 pm: We returned to the home once again to check the traps. With 11 traps set in the attic we caught no squirrels at all. The customer also told us that she had not heard any squirrels since early Wednesday morning. At this point, we concluded that all squirrels had been removed and the project was complete.

The end result of this job is a squirrel-free and squirrel-proof house. On this job Mrs. Hartley was given a one-year warranty from BatGuys stating that if squirrels should re-infest her attic during the warranty period we will return at no charge.

This case-study was created to give our visitors a look into how our squirrel removal services are structured. If you have any questions about anything on this page or would like to speak with a wildlife removal expert about a problem you're having, please feel free to contact BatGuys.