"Thank you so much for removing the raccoons from our chimney. They weren't paying rent!"

Hillary T., Fall River MA

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Raccoon Removal Projects-Framingham, Whitman and Fairhaven May 8, 2006


The top animal for this update is definitely the raccoon. We have been getting calls for female raccoons in attics and chimneys just about every day for the last two weeks. Mike and I have been crawling around dirty attics and investigating sooty chimneys almost every day. Working with raccoons is fun but it is very dirty and very hard work. Below are some pictures taken during raccoon removal services in the past two weeks.

Framingham, MA Raccoon Removal

Fairhaven, Ma Raccoon Removal

Whitman, MA Raccoon Removal

Visit our raccoon removal page for more information on these services.


The calls for bats have leveled off a bit since the last update. The large brown bats seem to have awoken from hibernation and are flying on the warmer nights. We performed a few bat exclusion projects in the last two weeks. We did a couple of old larger homes that proved to be a challenge because of steep roofs and 40-foot ladders.


We have had several uneventful squirrel projects over the last few weeks. We have got some juveniles on a couple of jobs. The squirrel calls always subside a bit as the warmer weather arrives.


Once again the skunks are laying low. There haven't been many skunk calls at all. We skunk-proofed this deck and replaced the lattice in Cranston RI last week. While we were working, this skunk ran out from under the deck and ran down the middle of a busy street in broad daylight!