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"Thank you for removing the skunk from our garage!"

Catherine S., Narragansett RI

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Skunk Removal in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

skunkBest known for its strong smell, the skunk is often looked upon as a rather unpleasant animal. Skunks are omnivores, meaning that they can eat almost anything to survive. Food sources for skunks in our area are plentiful, but with the rapid development of our area the skunks' habitat is becoming scarce. For this reason skunks have adapted to the suburban environment and typically live under decks, sheds and additions. When left alone they won't cause much of a problem, but when threatened by another animal or during the skunk's mating season they will spray their strong musk and cause an enormous problem for the homeowner. This is when we usually get the call.

Getting rid of Skunk Skunk-Proofing

two trapped skunksBatGuys has adopted a new approach to handling skunk issues. Our skunk removal services now focus on habitat modification or skunk-proofing instead of simply skunk trapping. By focusing on removing the habitat we provide our clients with a permanent solution to their skunk problems. Skunk trapping alone is always a temporary solution. If the areas the skunks were occupying are not completely sealed off, you will have more skunks return in the future. I promise. Habitat modification allows us to completely skunk-proof homes, yards or commercial properties. Our skunk-proofing services come with written warranties ranging from three to five years.

skunk looking in windowBatGuys also provides skunk odor removal services to completely deodorize areas that skunks have sprayed. For more information on getting rid of skunk odor please see our Odor Elimination page.

Nuisance Skunks

Some of the more common skunk problems we deal with are:

skunk looking down from roof

Please visit our Skunk Services Photo Gallery to see successful skunk removal projects we've completed, or read the case study of one of our skunk proofing jobs.

If you have any questions regarding skunks or the skunk-removal process and would like to speak to a licensed wildlife specialist or if you would like to set up an appointment for an inspection, please feel free to contact us using the information provided below.