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"The biggest pest control company in our area had been doing treatments for a year and a half and still catching mice. Mike did a quick inspection, sealed the hole in our foundation and we haven't had a mouse since. Can't thank you enough."

Chris S., Coventry RI

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Providence RI and Boston Mass Rat Removal

BatGuys Wildlife Service provides rat removal in Boston Ma and Providence RI. Our rat control services are structured to provide long-term solutions to rat problems. We specialize in rat-proofing homes and buildings without the use of rodenticides (poisons).

The rats that reside in Boston are Norway rats. Norway rats are also known as "water rats" or "sewer rats" because of their great swimming skills. Norway rats in Boston are most often nocturnal animals. They will lay dormant in a nest during daylight hours and become active shortly after dusk. Norway rats mostly feed on garbage, but are very opportunistic and will eat just about anything if food is scarce. Rats in our area are usually ground-dwelling animals and are commonly found in basements, on the first floor of houses and under porches. However, I occasionally get caught off-guard by adventurous rats that climb up to the second, third and even fourth floors of multi-family houses in the Boston area. This is strange because Norway rats are not known for their climbing skills. My theory is that there must be very easy climbing climbing conditions in the walls for them to reach these heights.

Rat Removal Services - Rat Exterminators

If you are looking for a solution to your rat problem you basically have two choices: rat baiting using poison or rat trapping and rat-proofing.

A typical rat proofing job includes an inspection, sealing of all active and potential entry points, and several trapping visits. Once the project is complete we will present you with a written warranty stating that you will be rat free for at least the duration of the warranty.

We do not provide rat baiting services. If you would like to go ahead with rat baiting services I'd suggest that you call any of the local pest control companies in your area.

Rat Control Training

I traveled to Orlando Florida in June of 2005 and then again in February of 2006 to train with David Seerveld of David is widely recognized as the best rat control expert in Florida and perhaps in the entire country. David specializes in mechanical rat control without the use of poisons. Working with David, I learned how to effectively rat-proof residential dwellings and commercial buildings. I then brought these tactics North and began to utilize them in the greater Boston and Providence areas.