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"Dear Matt,
I want to thank you for removing the bats and flying squirrels from our house. I found the process very interesting and I am glad that no animals were killed. I found you guys to be very 'down to earth.' My son keeps asking me 'When is Bat Man coming back?'
Thanks again."

Kelly B., Upton MA

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Massachusetts Deer Control and Dead Deer Removal

Nuisance Deer Removal in Boston Suburbs

Four deer in a backyard

As urban sprawl continues to spread across Eastern Massachusetts, our native whitetail deer have been forced to live in suburbia. Whitetail deer have an amazing ability to adapt to their surroundings and will continue to thrive even in heavily-developed areas. The suburbs that surround Boston have very large deer populations. The area in and around route 128 currently has the highest deer per square mile ratio of anywhere in the state. The towns of Weston, Needham, Wayland, Dover, Sherborn, Westwood, Dedham, Norwood, Canton, Weymouth and Hingham all have an over-abundance of deer. It is not uncommon to see groups of 5-10 deer on the side of the road or feeding in yards throughout this area.

Deer Damage

Most deer damage occurs in the winter months. When the ground is covered in snow and food is scarce, deer will congregate in great numbers. These small herds of deer will move through suburban neighborhoods feeding on exposed shrubs and bushes. The amount of damage that these deer will do to a beautifully landscaped property can be staggering. It only takes a few visits for a group of 5-6 deer to wipe out an entire garden or hedge-row of juniper bushes.

Massachusetts Deer Fencing

Every year we get more and more calls for deer control. Homeowners call and ask if there is anything that we can do to prevent deer from eating their plants and ruining their landscaping. I had always been hesitant to get into deer control because for years the primary solution for deer problems had always been repellants. I have never been a big fan of any type of repellant, because I do not like selling any product or service that might work. I only provide services that I can guarantee will provide a long-term solution to an animal problem.

Then in 2005 I attended a seminar on deer control. I spoke with many vendors and found a deer fencing product that really impressed me. I spoke with the owners of the company extensively about their product, the uses, the installation and BatGuys is now an authorized reseller and installer of their products. Since then we have installed several hundred feet of their products and have been very pleased with the results.

BatGuys now offers custom deer fence sales and installation. I have conducted a lot of research and found what I believe is the highest quality and least visible deer fencing product on the market.

A fence around my entire property? That will look terrible!

That is exactly what I used to think, but I assure you it is not the case. The fence that we install is made out of black polypropylene. This is a tough material that is also very thin and is virtually unnoticeable, even at short distances.

A fence around my entire property? That will cost a fortune!

Not at all. Deer fencing is very reasonably priced. It is also very low-maintenance. The only recurring maintenance issue that we run into is limbs and branches falling onto the fence. In most cases one yearly maintenance visit is all that is needed.

Contact us for a quote on a deer fencing system for your property.

Deer Removal Services, Archery Hunting

In certain situations removing deer by bow hunting (archery) can be a very safe and effective way to reduce the number of deer in a specific area. Deer season in Massachusetts runs from the second week of October through the first of the year. We have working relationships with a small number of safe, ethical bow hunters in Eastern Massachusetts. In many cases we can introduce you to one of these bow hunters that will remove deer from your property at no charge. An experience archer can remove as many as 5-6 deer from a property in a single year. This helps to keep the deer population managed and keep deer damage at a minimum.

Dead Deer Removal

We also get calls for dead deer removal in Massachusetts. When a deer gets hit by a passing car or dies of natural causes on your property, the deer carcass will attract predatory animals and create an awful odor that will last for weeks (or months in the summer). The state will no longer respond to remove dead deer from private property. For this reason, we provide deer carcass removal services. We will respond to remove the carcass in a timely manner and dispose of it properly.

Please contact us for more information on our deer removal services.