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"Thank you so much for removing the raccoons from our chimney. They weren't paying rent!"

Hillary T., Fall River MA

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Greater North Attleboro Animal Removal

Raccoon Attic

Call 508-699-4405 for animal removal service in the Greater Attleboro area or scroll down for local wildlife information.

BatGuys provides expert nuisance animal removal services for North Attleboro Ma. and all of the surrounding towns. This geographic area is home to great populations of bats, flying squirrels, gray squirrels, skunks and mice. These animals frequently become a nuisance for homeowners when they invade their property in search of shelter or food. BatGuys provides humane removal services for all native nuisance animals in this area.

Local Wildlife Information for the Greater North Attleboro Area

North Attleboro Bats

An Angry Bat

Bats are found in great numbers throughout this area. The older buildings in the center of town are particularly prone to bat infestations. We have performed our bat removal and exclusion services on several older homes and commercial buildings in this area. These bats will drop down from the attic in the summer and fly around the house frantically until someone lets them out or removes them. BatGuys provides expert bat removal services in North Attleboro and all surrounding areas. For more information on our bat removal and exclusion services please visit our bat removal page or Wildlife Update Page or our Case-Studies page for an in-depth look at our Bat Removal Services. Then of course there is the issue of getting rid of bat guano. Visit our Massachusetts bat guano removal page for more information on these services.

North Attleboro Squirrels

Gray Squirrels

A Gray Squirrel

Gray squirrels are found in great numbers in the Attleboro area. These little gray chainsaws will chew their way into the older homes with wood-rot in the area and then setup shop. We get flooded with calls for gray squirrels in the spring while they're raising their young and then again in the fall when the cold weather arrives. We provide expert squirrel-proofing and squirrel removal in North Attleboro and the surrounding towns.Visit our squirrel damage page also to see just how much wood a squirrel can chew.

Flying Squirrels

A Caged Flying Squirrel

The Greater Attleboro area also has its fair share of flying squirrels. We find most flying squirrel infestations in the subdivisions in this area because of their close proximity to the woods. The last house on the cul-de-sac of the sub-division seems to be the most prone to these critters. You've never seen a flying squirrel? That's because they're completely nocturnal. These noisy critters will make loud noises all night long as they scurry through your ceilings, attic and walls. Visit a case-study about flying squirrel removal in Massachusetts or our Squirrel removal page for more information on getting rid of flying squirrels.

Visit our photo gallery for more pictures of flying squirrels.

Skunk removal in North Attleboro

A Skunk

The North Attleboro has a healthy population of skunks. We get swamped with calls for skunks during their breeding season in February as males compete for females. During the spring and summer we get calls for them digging up lawns. Once the juvenile skunks begin to travel with the adult female they always get themselves into trouble. Whether its falling into window-wells or walking through cat-doors and into your kitchen these little guys are always amusing. Please visit our Massachusetts skunk removal page for more information on our services. You can also visit our odor removal page for more information on our skunk odor removal services.

Attleboro Raccoons

A Raccoon up a tree

We get flooded with calls for Raccoons in the spring when the adult females are breaking into attics and chimneys as they get ready to give birth. North Attleboro in particular seems to have a healthy raccoon population. The area between route 95 and route 1 seems to have a large population of these critters. Visit our Massachusetts Raccoon Control page for more information on our Raccoon Removal in North Attleboro area.

North Attleboro Mice Removal

A Small Mouse

BatGuys provides professional mice removal services for the greater Attleboro area. We use mechanical techniques and old fashioned hard work to mouse-proof houses and buildings. We do not use poisons to control mice. Please visit our Massachusetts mouse Control page for more information.

BatGuys is a poison-free company. We do not use any poison or rodenticides for any of our services!

Chimney Cap Sales and Installation

Chimney Cap Installation

BatGuys sells and installs Chim Cap stainless-steel chimney caps. Visit our Massachusetts Chimney Caps page for more information.

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Please use the telephone number above to contact BatGuys for wildlife removal services for any of the following towns: Attleboro, Foxboro, Mansfield, North Attleboro, Norton, Plainville, or Wrentham.

Please note that we do not handle dog and cat issues. For all dog and cat issues contact North Attleboro Animal Control or visit our Massachusetts Animal Control Directory for a complete listing of all town animal control facilities in the greater Attleboro area.

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