Squirrel Trapping and Exclusion

"While getting into my car in the driveway on May 3rd 2006 I watched a squirrel perched on the side of my house chewing on my gable-vent. I emailed the Bat Guys and described my problem. Matt called me 40 minutes later to explain the service and the wheels were set in motion. When I returned home from work at 4pm that afternoon my vents were squirrel-proofed and there were 3 squirrels in traps on my roof. I wish I could get that type of service everywhere. Thanks, BatGuys."

Tanya Thorne, Hingham MA

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Squirrel Removal Services November 13, 2006

The month of October always brings big changes to the nuisance wildlife industry. The bat calls subside and the calls for squirrels and mice start to come in regularly as the cold weather arrives. October of 2006 was no different. We finished up a lot of outstanding bat removal projects just in time to get buried with calls for squirrels. The mice have also came back in full force and mouse proofing hhas been taking up lots of our time. Flying squirrels have also returned to their winter homes (meaning houses) and we have gotten quite a few calls for them as well. Below are some of the interesting projects that we completed in October of 2006.

Newton Squirrel Removal

WWe completed a flying squirrel removal project at a home in Newton last week. Most people wouldn't think of Newton as having enough undeveloped land to support a healthy population of these woodland squirrels but over the last few years we've been getting more and more calls for flying squirrels in Newton. This attic was home to dozens of these nocturnal critters. As you can see in the picture below they had destroyed all of the insulation in the attic. We also found piles of nut shells that they had brought into the attic. The homeowner had caught a flying squirrel inside the house and put it in a trash barrel. I removed the squirrel from the barrel and shot this video of the flying squirrel inside the barrel.

Boston Squirrel Removal

Watertown Squirrel Removal

Rhode Island Squirrel Removal

These pictures are from a squirrel removal job in Providence RI. The picture on the right is a gray squirrel that has a piece of caution tape around its neck. The squirrel must have chewed its way through a piece of the tape and it got stuck around its neck. Very strange. Just another city squirrel getting into trouble. Visit this page to see another example of a Providence squirrel removal project that we completed.