Squirrel Trapping and Exclusion

"While getting into my car in the driveway on May 3rd 2006 I watched a squirrel perched on the side of my house chewing on my gable-vent. I emailed the Bat Guys and described my problem. Matt called me 40 minutes later to explain the service and the wheels were set in motion. When I returned home from work at 4pm that afternoon my vents were squirrel-proofed and there were 3 squirrels in traps on my roof. I wish I could get that type of service everywhere. Thanks, BatGuys."

Tanya Thorne, Hingham MA

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Animal Pest Control Services - May 14, 2007

BatGuys Animal Pest Control for nuisance animals in urban and suburban areas.

In the last month we have been swamped with calls for raccoons just as I had hoped. We have been responding to calls from all over our service area and have removed Raccoons from chimneys, attics, soffits and even sheds. As usual, some jobs have been easy and others have been very difficult. You can see the pictures and videos from our 2007 Raccoon Removal projects on our Raccoon Removal page.

Besides raccoons we have started to get calls for bats again. The large brown bats in our area have awoken from hibernation and are now active all across New England. The little brown bats (migratory bats) have also showed up in great numbers. I have removed several large brown bats from homes in the last few weeks and I also found a little brown bat roosting in an attic on April 19th.

The calls for flying squirrels have all but stopped with the arrival of the warm weather but we have been getting a lot of calls for gray squirrels. This years juvenile gray squirrels have just become mobile in the last couple weeks and people that had one or two squirrels in their attic now have 6 and 7. This pushes a lot of people past the breaking point and prompts them to call us.

Squirrell Pest Control

Can you believe that this little squirrel tore apart this metal vent? I thought sure that it was raccoon damage but the customer assured me that it was squirrels. She even emailed me this picture of a brazen squirrel eating a piece of bread on her porch railing. We had these squirrels trapped, removed and fixed the vents within 4 days of the initial call. Gray squirrels may be small but they can be very destructive.


Cranston RI Bat Removal

This home in Cranston RI was home to a small group of large brown bats. One of the children could hear the bats scratching in the ceiling of his bedroom at night. My inspection showed that the main entry-point the bats were using was in this area and that he was probably hearing them enter and exit the attic during the night. I removed this bat from the attic during my inspection. Visit this page for more information on bat removal in RI.

Flying Squirrel Pest Control

The home pictured below was infested with flying squirrels. The stains that you can see on the dormer are from flying squirrel urine. This is commonly seen in heavy infestations. Also pictured is an area of droppings and urine in the attic. This house was home to 18-30 flying squirrels.

Bat Pest Removal

We recently removed a small colony of bats from a home in Topsfield Massachusetts. One of the entry-points the bats were using was at the very top of the home's center gable. A difficult place to access as you can see in the picture below. The initial call on this job was for "some sort of pest scratching in my ceiling". The homeowner was shocked to find out that he had bats in his attic.

Sharon, MA Bat Removal

I recently inspected an attic in Sharon Mass that had been home to a large colony of bats for a number of years. The house had been unoccupied for at least 4 years and the bats took over the attic. I found numerous bats and large piles of bat droppings in several areas of the attic. This is a hazardous situation where removal of the bats and a total attic cleanout/restoration service is needed before anyone can reside in this house again. Visit our bat guano removal page for more information on this type of cleanup.

Bat Inspection Video.

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